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All of us own some sort of upholstery or sofas at home that are used daily. The main problem with upholstery is the staining. They can be so readily stained by food or drink spills but cleaning them becomes a task of another magnitude. Here are few problems with upholstery that are the most common, yet cause lots of trouble.

  • Staining: Staining is very common in a household; someone might spill tomato sauce or an energy drink. These things tend to have very harsh stains that just won’t go away. No matter what you do, there is always a trace of the stain left and the fabric end up getting damaged. Professional help is essential.
  • Browning: Browning is a very common thing with common upholstery, especially with lighter hues of fabric. When upholstery is treated with harsh chemicals after excessive use, the fabric tends to turn brown after drying. This happens mostly due to being introduced to a harsh chemical.
  • Color Bleeding: This occurs frequently in colored upholstery fabrics, if the upholstery is treated with water or any sort of liquid for cleaning, the colors tend to bleed into each other, thus creating a blotted mess out of your once perfect upholstery.
  • Excessive Humidity: If the upholstery has been treated with water or a liquid cleaner, the stuffing might have absorbed some of it. This causes the stuffing to stay damp for a long time and thus give off an ominous smell. Humidity is also a main factor for browning of the fabric, due to excessive contact with humidity the cellulose fibers turn dull and start browning.

Pros and Cons of Cleaning Upholstery:

Cleaning upholstery can be very tricky and results can be somewhat tremulous if tried at home. What you need is professional help! The main problem with upholstery is the fact there is never one kind of fabric. Upholstery fabrics have a wide range and every type of fabric needs its own way of treatment. This is to prevent damage because every fabric has its own characteristics and endurance capabilities. Sometimes blotting the targeted area with a cleaning liquid or bleach formula removes the stain but leaves behind misleading and ominous water marks. These marks can also be caused by starch residue from food spills etc. This requires professional methodologies with formulas that have been specially developed for impeccable depriving upholstery of any stains, without leaving behind even a blemish.

Our Innovative and Integral Cleaning Formulas:

Don’t let you and your upholstery become the casualty of hideous stains and get professional help today! Here at Green Line Carpet Cleaning Carpet Cleaning, we have all the cleaning formulas needed to successfully clean upholstery and give it a radiant new look! We believe in working with green formulas, these 100% natural formulas integrate with the fabric of your upholstery and break down the stain without leaving behind residue or water marks. Using green formulas also means that all of the work that we do is completely eco-friendly and safe for children and pets. The formulas are gentle yet very effective, so if you have children or pets around the house, you don’t have to worry about anything. All our formulas are specially made to be gentle and non-toxic. We also have different types of treatments for different types of fabrics; we work in a way so that our cleaning methods integrate with your upholstery and give you completely flawless results. There will be no damaging like it happens when the fabric is treated excessively with bleach or chemicals, and it doesn’t feel soft to the touch anymore. Flawless results and damage free cleaning is guaranteed when you hire us for a cleaning job!

Our Love for the Green!

As the name suggests, here at the Green Line Carpet Cleaning Carpet Cleaning we are a completely green and Eco-friendly service! Our experts have worked extensively to formulate all natural, enzyme based and herbal cleaning systems that are very integral when it comes to delicate fibers. The enzymes tend to break down the stain without causing the slightest hint of damage. Being green and 100% natural also makes our formulas non-toxic, so the cleaning formulas are completely safe if you have kids or pets around the house. So while keeping your interiors, you will also be doing something for the Eco-system and keeping everything safe for your kids and pets.

Our Capable Staff and Economic Prices:

When it comes to the staff, we have got the best of them! All of our staff members are highly qualified for the task and have extensive experience in the field. We tend to choose only the best so we can deliver the work with utmost perfection and our clients never have to complain or feel like their task wasn’t fulfilled. With affordable prices and excellent results, we are here to serve you! Being the most premium cleaning and maintenance service that we are, we have excellent reviews from our clients who prefer us to everyone! It is our vision with our work to exceed the expectations of our customers and we tend to do just so by pursuing perfection and utmost finesse in our work. With an array of cleaning and maintenance services, we are your one stop shop to everything.

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