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Spot & Stain Removal in Your Local Area

It looks really repugnant when your carpets and upholstery have random stains and spots everywhere. Now, there is more than one way to how these spots and stains come to taint your once perfect upholstery.

  • Food Spills: Food spills are a main cause for everlasting stains and spots on upholstery. These stains can be categorized as organic stains and are very heard to remove with customary cleaning formulas. If rubbed too hard, the fabric ends up getting damaged and these still is some sort of water mark left behind.
  • Water Marks: Water marks can be caused by cleaning liquids themselves. They can also be caused by humidity or residual substances like starch from food. They are very hard to remove and need to be dealt with professionally or they can last forever.
  • Synthetic Stains: This type of stains can be caused by paint of glue spills. Or basically any type synthetic chemicals. The best cure for these is to get them treated urgently before the stain completely sets into the fiber. Or else, it becomes hard to remove and the excessive scrubbing might take the actual color away from the fabric.

What to do?

Can’t scrub them out at home and customary bleaches or washing liquids are completely out of the question. Then what to do? Consult with a professional. This matter requires professional assistance if you want to sustain the durability of your carpet or upholstery while still keeping it impeccably clean. It is essential that you hire a reliable service that will carry out your cleaning tasks without damaging your belongings. Well, where to look for such a service? Right here!

Green Line Carpet Cleaning Carpet Cleaning!

Here at Green Line Carpet Cleaning Carpet Cleaning, we have just the solutions to give you impeccably clean and adroit results! Hence the name, we use an array of all green and 100% Eco-friendly cleaning formulas that work to ensure utmost cleanliness and vibrancy without any sort of damage. We have specially formulated serums that work to break down the toughest of stains, right from the core of the fiber. This cleans the fabric without leaving behind any misleading residue or water marks. Our natural enzyme based formulas eat down at the stain and dilute it right out of the fibers, without causing any harm to the fibers that the stain clings to. Our green formulas make the cleaning completely safe if you have kids or pets around the house, made from all natural and herbal ingredients our effective formulas are completely non-toxic too. So while you enjoy your radiant clean and lemony fresh interiors, you are being completely Eco-Friendly too.

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